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We are a 501(c)(3) Corporation that’s sole purpose is to restore peace and happiness by demonstrating how all problems can be eliminated all at once by recognizing the single reason responsible for their existence in the first place. Once that is fully recognized all problems cease to exist and even the possibility of future problem is eliminated permanently.

What we create

Educatinal Videos

Our demonstration videos provide a high comprehension level due to the simultaneous use of pictures, sound and text.  If you would like to donate to the Educational Videos creation fund, go here.

Did you know that every single problem being experienced by all humans and animals alike every conflict, every desire, fear, anxiety, war, and abuse have but one thing in common? Unbelievably, they all happen as a result of one single reason. If everyone today knew this as recently as only a hundred years ago, none of history’s horrifying events would have transpired. They could not have, can you imagine, no World War I, no World War II, no Vietnam, not a single War, not a single horrific genocide, no hunger, no injustice anywhere. This is why we need to produce and distribute these videos.

In order to restore peace and happiness in the World each person needs to become familiar with what needs to be recognized. This is the main reason why these educational videos are so important. These videos will demonstrate how negativities and problems can be eliminated permanently by recognizing the single reason responsible for their existence. They’re to serve all individuals, and organizations seeking permanent solutions to personal and World problems.


Interactive Learning platforms

Seeing and learning new unfamiliar material, may require various presentation speeds depending on the natural inclination of each individual.  Knowing this, we are developing Interactive Learning Platforms that will allow each individual to learn at their own pace.   You will be able to customize your learning experience by requesting more input. This innovative educational platform will keep track of your comprehension level and allow you to review the material and to progress to the next level when the information is fully understood. If you would like to donate to the Interactive learning Platform creation fund, go here.


Educational Apps

Our Educational Apps will allow you to continue your explorations of all things, when you are on the go.  You can seamlessly continue your discovery by using your phone camera or iPad to create your own personal investigations. Our apps have an inbuilt image recognition feature will allow you to transfer your photos to test your knowledge of interdependence. If you would like to donate to the Educational Apps creation fund, go here.

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Educatinal Video Games

Something for everyone.  We're creating games for all ages.  These games are designed to challenge your understanding of the way you and the World appear to your senses. The gall is to recognize the deceptive nature of all perceptions and ultimately recognize your limitless nature.  If you would like to donate to creation and distribution of Educational Video Games go here.


harmony and compassion are natural to all who understand Interdepedence



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