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Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose sole purpose is to demonstrate that permeant peace and happiness is attainable. It is attainable because it’s a natural state to all the world inhabitants. This natural state is mostly inaccessible to the world inhabitants because most never heard of the single reason which creates the opposite. This single reason renders all peace and happiness unattainable. It is impossible to have peace and happiness when one is unaware of the single cause, the World history is the proof. Together we can expose and eliminate the single reason responsible for the existence of all personal and World problems. What is the single root reason responsible for all personal and World problems? People are not aware that their senses and perceptions are deceived by certain “unknowing”. If we genuinely desire permanent peace and happiness we need to recognize the single reason currently preventing peace and happiness. This single “unknowing” is the sole cause of every single problem and unhappiness in the World. By putting more effort into education that reveals and eliminates this “unknowing” we could live lives in perfect harmony with all living beings and the whole of nature. Only then all of the Earth inhabitants can enjoy the natural peace and happiness that is currently unachievable while this “unknowing” remains a mystery.

“No one can stop a tree from growing painful thorns by trimming off the branches one by one, but by taking out the root”.

We aim to provide free educational tools that will serve all individuals, and organizations seeking permanent solutions to personal and World problems. These tools will expose the single reason responsible for the existence of all personal and World problems ranging from dissatisfaction, negative emotions, hunger, pain, substance addiction, violence, bullying, animal exploitation, slavery, racism, injustice, suffering, greed, crime, war, etc. Once the reason is recognized, a person is no longer capable of creating new negativities and sufferings; instead, that person feels fulfilled and is now an instrument of good in the World. The peaceful and harmonious state naturally becomes self-evident once the single reason that obstructed our peace and happiness is fully recognized and removed.

Goals are to:

- permanently end all personal and World problems

- assist everyone in recognizing the single reason responsible for all problems

- provide custom visual tools that are solutions to any specific problem

- build museums of wisdom that demonstrate this mission

- share this mission with members of the UN, and other World Peace organizations

- end Israeli - Palestinian conflict, and all wars

- end Animal exploitation & promote Vegan options

- bring this to the world’s attention


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“A better world starts with a recognition that separation is an illusion"

Someone  |  Co-Founder


What is the Solution to All World Problems?

Education needs to address the discrepancy between how things appear to exist and how they actually exist.

The current educational system assumes that our common perceptions are accurate. Over 1900 years ago, Nagarjuna provided profound insight that demonstrated the invalidity of human perception. In a nutshell, humans incorrectly perceive all living beings, things, and themselves as having their own-being. This means that, to us, everything appears to have its own-self, but in reality, we don't exist that way.

Nagarjuna proved that all living beings, ourselves, and other phenomena exist without their own-being. Only singular entities capable of establishing themselves by their own core nature have their own-being. However, this is impossible as no living being or thing can exist without parts and causes. All of us are one-seamless-being without a trace of our own-being except for the ignorance that believes otherwise. Our ignorance deceives our senses, making everyone and everything appear as another being having their own-self.

It turns out that not understanding how things exist is the only reason we experience problems and negativities. Every single dilemma a person and the World faces starts with this ignorance.

Schools that don’t acknowledge this discrepancy and reinforce this incorrect view are detrimental as they inadvertently promote division and competition. This in turn leads to fear, hatred, racism, bullying, greed, and all kinds of power abuse, including war. Consequently, our current private affairs, business practices, government, law enforcement, and military excursions cause further damage to us, the World and all its inhabitants.

We need to get in touch with the reality of how everything exists by exposing people to it, only then can we actually see improvement in all areas of our lives.


Current Education

Maintains all living beings and objects have their own-beings (aka ego) as natural and final reality to all. All education from this point forth is detrimental.



Future of Education

Points to the absence of own-being in all living beings and objects (aka no ego). Demonstrates that absence of own-being is a natural and final reality to all. Proves that our current perceptions of multiplicity are mistaken.

All future decisions are made harmoniously with equality towards all living beings who are recognized as the same self, which is selfless.


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