What Will Change When Science Recognizes The Ultimate Nature of All Things.

What Will Change When Science Recognizes The Ultimate Nature of All Things.

How can we be certain that our current understanding of how we and the world exist is accurate? The scientists say that it is because they have examined everything there is to probed. All scientists rely on sensory readings and common perceptions while conducting their research and releasing their results. Individually and as a science community, they all accept the current sensory perceptions they have as accurate. All known scientific investigations, discoveries, and theories are based on this single assumption. Surprisingly, we have not yet analyzed these sensory perceptions for their accuracy. Shouldn’t we be sure about their accuracy? What if the current senses were deceiving us? What if we are not aware that all of our senses are deceived. Wouldn’t it be irresponsible to do any more of scientific research without having a definitive answer to the most critical question?

Our ordinary senses themselves perceive all living beings including oneself and all objects as existing as their own-being/own-thing. Each being or thing appears to exist as a single entity as if existing by its own core nature established from its own side. This type of perception is experienced by everyone, yet no one analyzed it. If this mode of perception was accurate we should be able to prove its accuracy by simple analytical analysis. Meaning when analyzed, all living beings and objects should be found to have their own-being, and each was established from its own side as a findable individual entity.

Let's take any person that we perceive as this solid independent entity that appears to exist out-there as his own-being as if he was established by his own core nature, and see if analytically we can find this kind of person.

If a person had his own-being, the way he appears to our mind, the person would not have to be dependent on parents for the person's current existence. The person would have always existed without them. Also, a person is not one entity but has countless parts, such as hands, torso, head, and each of these parts exists in dependence on top, left, right and left sides and smaller parts such as cells, atoms, and quarks. From the most prominent part, such as the torso to the smallest particle of a Quark, not a single one of them has their own-being established from their own side that exists as a findable entity. The torso and the particle of a Quark exist in dependence on a top, bottom, right and left side. Each one of them exists without own-being because even the top side of a Quark exists in dependence on another top, bottom, right and left side. This dependency on more top, bottom, right and left sides never ends; it goes into infinity. All of the parts from the torso to the smallest possible right side of a Quark are caused and conditioned by countless aspects from the Earth cycles around the Sun to Sun’s temperature, water, air & food supply & quality, gravity, Moon cycles, Barometric pressure, physical, chemical reactions, stress, etc. The person has countless causes and conditions constantly shaping and influencing him. For a person to be his own-being, a person would have to exist necessarily as partless and causeless. Such a person having own-being cannot be found; therefore a person has no own-being, he exists as a selfless being.

This type of existence turns out to be true for all living beings and objects. All living beings and objects exist without own-being. Instead, they exist in dependency on countless parts and causes. It's now clear that our senses and perceptions are mistaken because we perceive all living beings and things to exist as their own-being, but in reality, they don't. This it is logical to say that our current understanding of how the World and we exist is very inaccurate at best very superficial. It’s superficial because we have not yet recognized that all living beings and things do not exist as inherent entities, but they exist without own-being, without own core natures that make them what they are.

It is of most importance that all people and science recognizes the discrepancy between how the World and we appear to exist and how we all actually exist. As soon as scientists recognize the Ultimate nature of all living beings and things, we'll experience something we have probably never witness in the history of the World. The recognition will be the most significant discovery in science ever. Why? Scientists have not yet recognized that all things share the same mode of existence. Making all living beings and things without a trace of separate, own-being. This means that all living beings are a lot more than brothers and sisters. We are all one being. With this recognition all causes for personal and World problems will cease to exist, what will remain is wisdom, peace, happiness and immortality.