All Wars Could Have Been Avoided.

All wars could have been be avoided if our basic education included just one course entitled “How Everything Exists”.

The current educational system does not address how all things including oneself exist. Phenomena certainly exist, the question is how?. Thus far education consists of learning words/names/labels for various living beings including oneself and the rest of phenomena, but not learning anything about how they exist. It turns out that not learning about how things exist is the only reason we experience problems, negativities, and our World is full of injustice, crime, greed, and wars. Why is not learning how things exist so detrimental to our personal and World peace and happiness?. It is because all living beings and other phenomena do not exist the way we perceive them and believe they do.

By not knowing how things exist, schools perpetuate a fictional point of view that all living beings and other phenomena exist as own-beings, own-things the way they appear to our mind. For anything to be existing as own-being, own-thing, each would have to be a single entity. A single entity that is capable of establishing itself in and of themselves by very own inner nature. Only what exist under its own power, in and of itself by own singular nature can be said to have own-being. However, in reality, all living beings and other phenomena do not have own-being. Nothing can exist that way, yet we believe and insist through current education that they do.

All living beings and phenomena do not exist in their own right, but only have an existence dependent upon many factors, including a consciousness that conceptualizes them.

The current educational system fails to recognize that even though all living beings and things appear to have own-being (own self), they don’t exist that way. As a result, the current educational system unconsciously maintains the false belief in own-being (ego) which is fictional because it is neither discoverable nor can it be proven. This results in education that is detrimental to people and the World, as it enforces and promotes division, competition, that leads to fear, hatred, racism, greed and all kinds of power abuse including war. Consequently, our current private affairs, business practices, government, law enforcement, and military excursions cause further damage to our world and all its inhabitants.

Isn’t time we place a course in our schools named How Everything Exists that would eradicate all personal and World problems forever? The choice is ours.