The World's 10 Most Serious Problems, According to Millennials

The World's 10 Most Serious Problems, According to Millennials

1. Climate change / destruction of nature (48.8%).

2. Large scale conflict / wars (38.9%).

3. Inequality (income, discrimination) (30.8%).

4. Poverty (29.2%).

5. Religious conflicts (23.9%).

6. Government accountability / corruption (22.7%).

7. Food and water security (18.2%).

8. Lack of education (15.9%).

9. Safety / security / well being (14.1%).

10. Lack of economic opportunity and unemployment (12.1%).


We appreciate Greta Thunberg’s efforts and her climate change facts. We also understand her frustration that most newspapers and media do not make an emergency declarations each and everyday about climate crisis. Just think how frustrating it will be to you if you discovered a simple solution to all personal and World problems, a real silver bullet the would eliminate all possible problems forever. Yes, this type of solution exists. it was made public over 2000 years ago, and yet to this day this solution that fixes all personal and World problems is nowhere in the main stream media.

It may be surprising to most that solving all these serious problems is actually very easy. In order to understand how easy it is, first we must familiarize ourselves with the single reason why we face these kinds of problems in the first place. Knowing an answer to this question will automatically become the answer and the solution and give a clear view of how to mend the World's 10 Most Serious Problems.

So, what is the single reason responsible for all these problems? We, humans, are not aware that our ordinary perceptions are mistaken. The senses themselves correctly perceive phenomena such as a table and me, but incorrectly perceive each to have their own-being. Everything that appears to us seems to be a single entity (own self). A single entity that is not my entity, not my self, but a real other entity, being. Everyone experiences this type of perception, yet no one checked its validity.

If this mode of perception was accurate, we should be able to prove its accuracy by simple analysis. Meaning when analyzed, all living beings and objects should be found to have their own-being. To clarify, to be own-being each person, animal or thing would have to be a single entity. An entity that is sovereign in a sense because it should be capable of establishing itself by own inner nature. But, do living beings and things exist this way? When any living being including me or any object is analyzed, it's discovered that no one exist the way. All living beings and objects exist without own-being because no one is a single entity nor can exist without parts and countless causes of the whole nature. Each being exists in dependency on countless parts, causes, and consciousness that conceptualizes them.

It's clear that our senses are mistaken because we perceive all living beings and things to exist as their own-being (own self), but in reality, they don't exist that way. Thus it's logical to say that our current understanding of how the World and we exist is very inaccurate at best very superficial. It's superficial because we have not yet recognized that all living beings and things do not exist as own-beings. They exist without own-being (own self), without their own core natures that make them what they are.

So, the World's 10 Most Serious Problems exist today only because most people believed in their inaccurate perceptions of the World and themselves as two separate entities. However today, we can demonstrate to ourselves that we humans, all living beings and the World are in fact one and the same living entity.

It is of most importance that science recognizes the discrepancy between how the World and we appear to exist and how we all actually exist.

As soon as scientists and individuals recognize the ultimate nature of all living beings and things, we'll experience something we have probably never witness in the history of the World. We'll experience existence without greed, ignorance, racism, injustice, exploitations, and wars. Once our schools educate us about this, all causes for personal and World problems will cease to exist, what will remain will be total unity, wisdom, peace, and happiness. We appreciate Greta Thunberg and her climate change facts, and we wish there were more people who were willing to spread the solution that would cure all personal and World problems forever.