The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end thanks to little-understood science.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end thanks to little-understood science.

We like to share with you something that has not been considered when looking for peace between any nations before. This revolutionary insight into science is the key to ending all human conflicts where everyone feels satisfied with the outcome, guaranteed.  We will demonstrate to Israeli and Palestinian authorities and people that the ongoing conflict is caused and perpetuated by deceived human senses, no one is aware of.

The purpose of this video is to help end this conflict permanently with the help of irrefutable science. It proves that Israeli and Palestinian persons do not exist the way they appear to the mind. In fact, all living beings and objects don't exist the way they appear to our mind. The film will explain how even the healthiest human senses are entirely mistaken when they perceive persons to be existing as if having their own-being. To exist as an own-being, the way all of us perceive each other; each person would have to exist necessarily as a single partless and causeless entity, capable of being established from its own side by its own core nature. However, in nature, no person exists that way, as it is not even possible. That is direct proof that human senses are deceived.

The indisputable science reveals that all Israeli and Palestinian people exist as a single selfless organism, where "Israeli" and "Palestinian" serve as conceptual construct only. In other words, all Israeli and Palestinian persons are more than a family; they are an inseparable seamless and selfless living being where "Israeli" and "Palestinian" are mere conceptual designations. This science has never been known to either side, and without it, a permanent peace was never possible before. When both Israeli and Palestinian authorities and their people recognize that their senses are deceived all current reasons for this conflict, all grievances, hatred, fear, and doubts will become irrelevant and obsolete.

How does Israeli and Palestinian person exist?
Each person exists without own-being because each one is not a single entity; no person was established by its own core nature, and cannot exist from its own side. Instead, each person exists in dependence on countless parts, countless causes, and "Israeli" or "Palestinian" are mere names given (social convention). Each person named "Israeli" or "Palestinian" is selfless in nature; therefore, all persons are more than a family, and function as an Isreali or a Palestinian person in mere conceptual designation (in name only).

Vast Self believes that with this new scientific evidence that proves the existence of mistaken perception in all human persons, the merely named Israeli and Palestinian authorities and the people will recognize that the current conflict is simply a delusion of grandeur. Putting an end to the conflict between oneself is the only reasonable solution. They are also hopeful that the peace-loving Israeli and Palestinian people may serve as future examples to rest of the human family and will help other nations and states to end all human conflicts with this revolutionary science.

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