All Universal, Worldly and Personal Problems Belong in Museums.

All Universal, Worldly and Personal Problems Belong in Museums.

Every single Universal, Worldly or personal problem experienced by humans and non-human persons (aka animals), every conflict, every desire, fear, anxiety, greed, injustice, violence, war, and any possible negativity, have but one thing in common. This one thing is also the solution to all potential personal and Worldly problems, and it’s straightforward to understand and to implement. All it takes is a direct recognition that we’ll explain here.

It does not matter if a person is a Billionaire and goes to Mars in search of a better life; the same problems would follow him everywhere he goes. They would go everywhere with him because the reason for his problems exists inside him, not outside. These problems will never stop existing until a person recognizes the single misconception that he carries with him everywhere he goes. This single misconception is the only root cause for all Worldly and personal problems and sufferings. An average person does not know that one recognition of this false belief can put an end to all his troubles. He never learned about this possibility at home, at school, from friends or his church. In fact, a person may never hear about this his entire life. No one, in particular, is to be blamed for this. However, today in the age of information, we find this information needs to be available everywhere. We think that every government that works for the well being of its’ people will want this to be as available as possible through education in schools, homes and beyond.

So, what is this single misconception that causes all the horrors in the World? The false belief that all phenomena, all living beings and I, that each one of us exists by our own individual core nature, which makes us what we are as if we have always been this way.

If everyone in the past were exposed to this incredibly simple correction to this misconception in their early years of education, none of history’s horrifying events would have transpired. All of the horrible, painful and deadly events would have never taken place on this planet. There would have never been a single war or anything to fear or desire. Not a single crime would have been committed against human persons or animal persons. There would be no single greedy person, no power hungry person, no genocide, no holocaust, or injustice whatsoever.

We have created Vast Self Corporation to provide individuals, corporations, and government agencies an opportunity to understand this root cause that creates all the problems and horrors in the World. The correct understanding of the root cause for all the personal and World problems automatically becomes the solution to them and prevents one from creating conditions for any future suffering. This is the silver bullet everyone wants in their lives. Because the pursuit of peace and happiness is a universal trait (one shared by all living beings) as is a desire to avoid suffering, we are confident that the simple answers provided here will be beneficial to all, not only to individuals but to a vast range of organizations that range from governmental agencies to private businesses, and non-profit groups alike. The list of potential beneficiaries is virtually limitless and includes many of the organizations that manage the fundamental institutions of most societies, including judicial systems and prisons. Other potential groups likely to benefit would be human rights organizations, animal rights groups (such as PETA), vegan advocacy groups, and environmental groups, such as the Nature Conservancy.

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