Immigrants Are More Than Our Brothers and Sisters.

Editor Alexandra Sullivan

Our senses tell us that every person we meet is a different being (different self), not another us. Our sight, touch, and smell reinforce this viewpoint, and this perception drives society. We base all our decisions on the accuracy of our senses, rarely examining them further. Therefore, it seems reasonable to care more for ourselves before family, before friends, before fellow countryman, and still before our possessions. At the very bottom of our to-care-for-list may be an immigrant, but how sure can we be that the immigrant is a different being than us. Is it only because of our senses say so?  We know from experience that our senses should not always be trusted.  Take a discovery made by Copernicus in 1543 as an example.  Up until the 1500s, humans believed the Sun was revolving around the Earth because this is how it appeared to them. Copernicus proved all humanity wrong with science and common sense.    

As revolutionary and shocking his discovery was, it is nothing compared to the inaccuracy of our perception of immigrants and ourselves.

Is there a way to find the truth?   Yes, because the method has existed since the time of Copernicus.

Here is the set up:

If an immigrant, whom we perceive as another person, really existed as a different being than us, they would have to possess their own-being/own-existence. By the same token, we must also have our own-being.  

What does it mean to have your own-existence? It means to be a singular entity, possessing your own inner nature capable of establishing yourself in your own right without causes.  Otherwise, you cannot claim to have your own-being/own-existence. Currently, our perception tells us that immigrants have their own-existence/own-being because we see them as separate and not part of our being. Thus, we assume this is how we all exist. 

So, let's examine an immigrant analytically to discover if they have their own-existence/own-being. 

1. If an immigrant had their own-being/own-existence, they would have to be a single entity. When analyzed, an immigrant is actually a composite of countless parts.

No one has ever seen a single immigrant who could exist without a head, torso, two legs, two arms, and other parts down to atoms and quarks. Furthermore, each part also exists without its own-being.  No matter how big or invisibly small a part is, it cannot exist as a single entity (without being dependent on more parts, where each sub-part exists without its own-being)  because each of the sub-parts is also a composite of a right, left, top and bottom part. This simple, overlooked fact is what Copernicus would love to demonstrate to us today.  Everything and everyone appear to be a single entity, but this is false.

2. Is an immigrant capable of establishing himself in his own right?  If so, they would have to be able to establish themselves without space, the Earth and its properties such as gravity, water, soil, vegetation, and air. Nor would they need oxygen, or the Sun and the temperature that sustains most of the Earth's activities, vegetation (food) producing reactions, etc.  We aren't even mentioning all the countless small organisms, bacteria, pollinating insects, chemical and physiological processes that these causes depend on to function. Furthermore, all the factors above produced the male and female bodies and reproductive fluids of the immigrant's parents, thus the immigrant would have to set themselves up without them too. Obviously, since no part of a person has its own-being and each came from their whole environment/nature, no single person can claim to be self-established and possess no nature of their own. No part of them is a single entity as they all came from somewhere, where they too were not self-produced.

3. Can an immigrant exist without causes? No, because since their parents' bodies and reproductive fluids did not establish themselves but were produced, caused and conditioned by their entire nature, so are immigrants. Thus, an immigrant is caused and conditioned by infinite factors. 

How did these bodies and reproductive fluids come to exist? They are the result of the collective action of their entire environment/nature. They were produced by space, the Earth and its properties such as gravity, water, soil, vegetation, air, food, oxygen, the Sun, and countless chemical and physiological processes. This whole symphony of causes and conditions interlocking tiny particles into larger parts were obviously supervised by a non-material consciousness. Since immigrants and their parents are composed of an infinite number of parts, each produced by their whole environment/nature, they are not singular entities and not self-established. 

Everyone exists because of something else. No one comes from no-where and cannot produce their own-being.  No part can exist as a single entity, but is actually a composite of a right, left, bottom and top sub-part, which are composed of more right, left, top and bottom parts. The dependency on these parts never ends.  There are countless particles, each fused together collectively by innumerable causes and conditions synchronized by the conscious environment/nature. Thus, despite common belief, no one is a singular entity or possesses an individual core nature that could produce them. Therefore, no one has their own-being/own-existence.

How about us? Do we have our own-existence? 

Obviously not. We were produced and exist the same way as immigrants. Thus, it is evident that neither of us have our own-being.

Therefore, it is shocking how our senses incorrectly tell us otherwise.

When searching for proof of immigrants or us having our own-being/own-existence (different self), the truth is contradictory: we both exist without them (without our own self). Therefore, our senses are wrong when they say we are two separate beings.

Since no one is a singular entity, and everything that produced the countless parts of a person could not establish themselves by their own core nature, there is no difference between us. There are no two single entities with their own-being/own self.  All humanity actually exists as a one-seamless-vast living organism with our bodies and consciousness produced by our whole conscious environment/nature.  There really is no distinction between nature and people.  We can say something is a person or is nature, but in reality, they are all just one vast entity - life.

Why are our senses lying to us?

It's because we hold on to a false belief that every person and thing has their own-being/own-existence/own-self.  As shown here, this belief is baseless and contradictory to how everything exists.

It has been over 500 years since Copernicus pointed to the inaccuracy of our perceptions, so isn't it time we make another leap forward? Isn't it time everyone recognizes this falsehood in our perception? The truth is that the only difference between us both are labels like "immigrants" and "us". The names we give each other were created as a simple convenience, a social convention and nothing more. They were not meant to symbolize the truth of every person or their existence.

To conclude: to perceive an immigrant as a separate entity/self is incorrect because it is impossible for us to exist as our own-being. So, next time we see an immigrant south of the border or in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, we must remember that our senses are fooling us.

We must remember the individuals we've named "immigrant" are our same self and are as equally precious because they are us. 

Eventually, our senses will stop tricking us and we'll perceive immigrants and ourselves as we truly exist. This corrected perception will reflect sameness, thus the duality and illusion of people having their own-being will vanish forever. Then, we will recognize that everyone we've labeled "immigrant" has always been more than a brother or sister. They were always us.

Vast Self Author