One false belief creates every single problem in the world

Q: What is the single belief responsible for all possible problems

A: The single false belief that all living beings, me and objects exist as their own-things, as if each of us was capable of setting ourselves up with our own core natures. However, only what can exist as partless and causeless has own-being. Nothing in nature exists that way yet all of us grasp at all things including our own self as existing as own-beings. This is what our senses tell us. We never question our perceptions; that is why our lives are full of all kinds of limitations and sufferings.

Q: Can I change this and how?

A: Yes, anyone can change that because it is so straightforward. It's simple because the correct understanding is already functioning in you and around you. You need to realize that you had accepted this one false belief, and ever since then your life is difficult full of struggle and suffering. You need to clearly understand that you can correct this wrong understanding through a correct understanding of how currently you are experiencing yourself and others. You need to realize that your current mode of perceptions and understanding is utterly opposite to how you and others exist. You are grasping at everything and yourself as if you had your own-existence (own-being), but you and others don’t exist that way, it’s impossible. No-one has ever existed that way. Once you see clearly that your current mode of apprehension is without merit, you began to understand why you were suffering and why there always was suffering and hatred in the World. You will also start to experience real compassion and peace for everything and everyone because you'll know with certainty that all is yourself. All you need is to get familiar with how things exist and that your prior understanding in this subject was at best superficial, incomplete and honestly flat wrong. Just try the educational videos, interactive platforms and apps to see how simple being a Vast Self can be.