Peace & Happiness is Natural to All Living Beings

Peace & Happiness is Natural to All Living Beings

Q: Why is it then that we are experiencing the opposite?

A: Because of a single wrong concept that we accepted as real.

There exists a single false concept that is responsible for every single problem in our lives and the World. By which I mean, this concept is responsible for physical and mental illness, physical and emotional pain, hunger, desire, jealousy, hatred, greed, the exploitation of others, inequality, and even war. To this day our modern societies do not put any efforts into eliminating this problem. Not only are we not actively helping one another understand the root cause of all personal and Wordly suffering, but we don't even care to try. The way to end all suffering was discovered over 2,000 years ago, and yet, to this day, not a single public or private school offers a course on it. Isn't that strange?

We seem to crave happiness and peace, yet we fail to focus on the only permanent solution to our problems. True happiness and peace can only exist when the root of their absence is understood. This understanding is paramount to ending suffering. True peace and happiness can only exist when we acknowledge that the current appearance of separation ("inherent existence") is deceiving us day and night.

As of this moment, we experience life as though everything - from objects to people - exists independently of one another. That is to say, everything is separate from the Self. We have come to accept the World this way and assume separation to be natural and true. However, so long as we fail to recognize this notion as false, there is no chance for happiness in our lives and in our World. For example, take a look at the last hundred years of history as proof. Has our World known peace without war in the last hundred years?

True peace and happiness requires that we understand the natural state of things. Humans, too, have a natural state, and we can only experience true peace by recognizing our existence is not independent of the World around us. There is science backing this concept. By simply recognizing that our independence, our sense of separated Self, is robbing us of peace and happiness, we can finally address the constant misery in the lives of those around us and ourselves.

Vast Self seeks to help everyone pursue true peace and happiness: We want to educate people so that they recognize their false preconceptions of the World around them, so that they may understand the reason for their existence.