One Misunderstanding Creates All Problems

Did you know that every single problem experienced by human persons and non-human persons (aka animals), every conflict, every desire, fear, anxiety, war, and abuse have but one thing in common? Unbelievably, they all happen as a result of one single reason. If everyone today knew this as recently as only a hundred years ago, none of history’s horrifying events would have transpired. I mean all of the horrible, painful and deadly events would have never taken place on this Planet. There would have never been a single war, not a single thing to fear or desire, not a single crime committed against human persons or animal person, not a single greedy person, power-hungry person, no genocide, no holocaust, no injustice whatsoever, none of it.

We have created Vast Self Corporation to provide individuals, corporations, and government agencies an opportunity to understand this root cause that creates all the problems and horrors in the World. Because the pursuit of peace and happiness is a universal trait (one shared by all living beings) as is a desire to avoid suffering, we are confident that the simple answers provided here will be beneficial to all, not only to individuals but to a vast range of organizations that rang from governmental agencies to private businesses, and non-profit groups alike. The list of potential beneficiaries is virtually limitless and includes many of the organizations that manage the fundamental institutions of most societies, including judicial systems and prisons. Other potential groups likely to benefit would be human rights organizations, animal rights groups (such as PETA), vegan advocacy groups, and environmental groups, such as the Nature Conservancy.


"The single thing needed is the recognition of interdependency of all things and our labeling"

Vast Self Corporation is dedicated to Peace and Happiness in the World

Vast Self Corporation is dedicated to Peace and Happiness in the World

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