Would You Trust Hallucinating People

Our whole life we have been living with a sense of separation, there has always been the sense a real me and a real you, totally separate from each other. Day and night we experience this separation, and we never question it. This means that without hesitation we must’ve accepted all current appearances of independent me and independent other as real and having nothing to do with our understanding. When there is me, and there is another there is always a potential for problems, suffering even war. What if we could demonstrate to ourselves that the appearances of independent me and independent other are in fact opposite to reality, that they are like the illusion created by our forgetfulness. What if we could prove to ourselves that we’re creating this illusion, this hallucination because of our own ignorance. What if we could demonstrate to ourselves that you and I are just the same entity without any independent existence whatsoever. That our sense of separation is a total fabrication created by our concepts only.

Vast Self can assist anyone in discovering that how all things appear to exist right now is utterly opposite to how they exist. All appearances appear to us as if they were genuinely existent, separate from us, and that we had nothing to do with that fact. We think they exist that way because of their own doing. They look self-existent as if established by their own core nature. Yes, everyone perceives that way, but that is incorrect and not natural because this is, in fact, a total fabrication of our mind. All appearances that appear as real, as independent, as if appearing from ‘there” are due to our forgetfulness and ignorance only. The good news is that this self-induced hallucination can be reversed & undone.

Why should we care to reverse this hallucination? A root cause of all problems is this illusion of separation. All our problems exist because of this illusion. Once the illusion of independent me and independent you cease to exist, we’ll be happy and utterly fulfilled all the time. Literally, all of our problems and sufferings will no longer exist because there will be no independent me to suffer.

Furthermore, all reasons for future suffering and trouble will be extinguished too. There will be no more reasons for suffering in our lives forever. Additionally, when recognizing these false appearances, we will understand why and what caused us and everyone around us so much misery. We’ll be able to live in total harmony and peace no matter what the situation is like.

“when the false appearance of independent you and me are no more, all reasons for suffering are extinguished ”