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Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose sole purpose is to demonstrate that peace and happiness is a natural state to all World inhabitants. How are we different from the thousands of other noble nonprofits? We are here to expose and eliminate the single reason responsible for the existence of all personal and World problems. What is the single root reason responsible for all personal and World problems? People are not aware that their senses and perceptions are deceived by certain unknowing. The conventional approach performed by thousands of amazing people and organizations are necessary and noble; however, as disturbing as it may sounds, they will never run out of work. Human history is proof. If we genuinely desire permanent peace and happiness we need to recognize the single reason currently preventing peace and happiness and causing all the misery and unhappiness in the World. This task requires putting more effort into correct education that allows all individuals an opportunity to recognize and eliminate the root reason. New problems and sufferings won't be created once the root reason is recognized. Only then all of the Earth inhabitants can enjoy the natural peace and happiness that was denied by this single cause.

“No one can stop a tree from growing painful thorns by trimming off the branches one by one, but by taking out the root”.

We aim to provide educational tools that will serve all individuals, and organizations seeking permanent solutions to personal and World problems. These tools will expose the single reason responsible for the existence of all personal and World problems ranging from dissatisfaction, negative emotions, hunger, pain, substance addiction, violence, bullying, animal exploitation, slavery, racism, injustice, suffering, greed, crime, war, etc. Once the reason is recognized, a person is no longer capable of creating new negativities and sufferings; instead, that person feels fulfilled and is now an instrument of good in the World. The peaceful and harmonious state naturally becomes self-evident once the single reason that obstructed our peace and happiness is fully recognized and removed.

Goals are to:

- permanently end all personal and World problems

- assist everyone in recognizing the single reason responsible for all problems

- provide custom visual tools that are solutions to any specific problem

- build museums of wisdom that demonstrate this mission

- share this mission with members of the UN, and other World Peace organizations

- end Israeli - Palestinian conflict, and all wars

- end Animal exploitation & promote Vegan options

- bring this to the world’s attention


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“A better world starts with a recognition that separation is an illusion"

Someone  |  Co-Founder


What and Where is the Problem?

Education needs to reflect the ultimate nature of all things.

The current educational system does not address the ultimate nature of all living beings, oneself and rest of phenomena. Phenomena certainly exist; the question is how, and what is its ultimate nature? Thus far education consists of a superficial understanding of nature and places significant emphasis on learning names for various living beings including oneself and the rest of the phenomena. Furthermore, it assumes that our senses correctly perceive all phenomena and ourselves. It turns out that not understanding the ultimate nature of how things exist is the only reason we experience problems, negativities, and our World is full of injustice, crime, greed, and wars. Why is not learning how things exist so detrimental to our personal and World peace? It turns out that all living beings, ourselves and other phenomena do not exist the way all appears to our mind. Our senses are deceived, but no one knows it.

Since schools reinforce a views that all living beings and other phenomena have own-being, this type of education is detrimental to all. Why is it detrimental? It is because all living beings and other phenomena do not have the own-being. Only what is a singular entity capable of establish itself by own core nature can have own-being. Nothing can exist that way as no living being or a thing can exist without parts and causes.

All living beings and phenomena do not exist in their own right, but only have an existence dependent upon many factors, including a consciousness that conceptualizes them.

The current education system that does not address the ultimate nature of all things promotes division, competition, that leads to fear, hatred, racism, bullying, greed and all kinds of power abuse including war. Consequently, our current private affairs, business practices, government, law enforcement, and military excursions cause further damage to us, theworld and all its inhabitants.


Current Education

Maintains all living beings and objects have their own-beings (aka ego) as natural and final reality to all. All education from this point forth is detrimental.



Future of Education

Points to the absence of own-being in all living beings and objects (aka no ego). Demonstrates that absence of own-being is a natural and final reality to all. Proves that our current perceptions of multiplicity are mistaken.

All future decisions are made harmoniously with equality towards all living beings who are recognized as the same self, which is selfless.


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